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Our farm is located in the Vipava Valley, the land of sun and mild climate. The sun-lit terraces are ideal for growing vine. The valley is rich with a favourable microclimate, giving the wines a distinct diversity and in some places, even an outstanding and unique quality.


The farm has a rich wine-growing tradition dating back to the very beginning of the previous century when the first grapevine nurseries were cultivated carefully by numerous members of the Tomažič family with great love. Care and love for the vine have been preserved on the farm to this very day, with only the method of work having changed. Family work and the enthusiasm of the young master give the farm a special touch, which is also reflected in their wines. In a glass of wine from the Tomažič farm, you can taste the freshness, aroma and extreme playfulness.

Several years ago, the farm gained recognition due to its excellent wines and its own trademark for white and red wines. Among the white varieties, we offer Malvasia, Rebula, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Italian Riesling, Pinela and Yellow Muscatel, and among the red ones Barbera, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our aim is to make our offer even richer, and prove that, if you are persistent and hard-working, you can make a living and create.

With the wines from our farm, we have brought the skills of our in-house Oenologist and the passion for growing unique wines to the forefront. Ripe or young, matured in wooden barrels or stainless tanks, we discover and enjoy the genuine sophistication of modern wine-making in the wines from the Tomažič farm. The result is fresh and fruity wines with a pleasant mineral character reflecting the superior quality and a unique terroir.



Penina Erik is a lighter, lively and refreshing sparkling wine. It enchants with its characteristic varietal aroma of gooseberry, citrus and green peppers.

Serve as an aperitif with cold vegetable appetizers or alone

6-8 °C


Penina Jerneja is a lighter, lively sparkling wine with residual sugar. It enchants with its freshness and intense soft fruit, raspberry and cranberry bouquet aroma.

Serve alone or with less sweet desserts. Always popular.

6-8 °C


Aleksandra is a fresh quality sparkling wine with a pleasantly sweet taste. Its aroma is fresh and varietal with a pleasant Muscat bouquet, complemented by the gentle aroma of bread crust. The sparkling wine has a fresh flavour and is medium-bodied and pleasantly smooth on the palate. Aleksandra is an indispensable companion to chats of the fairer sex, an excellent complement to festive events and an ideal aperitif in female company.

It goes great with fresh fruit desserts.

5-8 °C


Zelen is a native variety from the upper Vipava Valley. Zelen wine possesses a gentle floral fruit aroma, complemented by Mediterranean spices.

Zelen wine goes well with blue fish, tuna, eel, carp, catfish, turkey, pork, veal, etc.

8-12 °C



Pinela wine has a light yellow colour with green hues. Its aroma reminds one of tropical fruit, ripe pears, lime and grapefruit.

Pinela is served with cold starters (rich cold cuts), pasta, white meats, vegetable dishes with fresh cheese and roasted pine nuts, or with spinach lasagne with Vipava cottage cheese.

6-12 °C


coming soon

coming soon

6 - 8 °C


Sauvignon is a very aromatic wine of superior quality. Its varietal aroma is reminiscent of elder blossoms, Muscat, dried grass and green peppers, complemented by the aroma of melon and ripe pears.

Sauvignon combines well with spicy fish dishes, chicken dishes, pasta with basil, smoked salmon with rosemary noodles and pancakes with spinach and mustard sauce.

6-10 °C


coming soong

coming soong

8-10 °C


Chardonnay has a pleasantly full taste. Its varietal aroma is reminiscent of apples, bananas and pineapples. The wine has a smooth taste and is full-bodied and pleasantly warm on the palate

Chardonnay is the perfect compliment for lamb, poultry and spicy fish dishes as well as grilled vegetables.

8-14 °C


Gospod Beli has a straw-yellow colour with a golden yellow hue. The ripe fruit, butter and mineral notes combine with finely integrated spices, which were developed during maturation in wood.

Gospod Beli is a wonderful compliment to grilled octopus, risotto with truffles and noble mould cheeses.

12 °C


Yellow Muscatel is a premium wine, straw-yellow in colour. Its Muscat aroma nobly connects with grandeur of dessert wine. The freshness and sweetness of Yellow

Muscat merge into an elegant and modern wine, which is especially suitable as an accompaniment to fruitier desserts

6-10 °C


Rdeči pil is a premium wine of a pleasantly full taste and dark ruby colour. Its aroma is reminiscent of blackcurrants, soft fruit and plums.

Rdeči Pil perfectly complements beefsteak in pepper sauce, venison, steak Florentine and medium matured cheeses.8-12 °C

8-12 °C


Cabernet sauvignon is a structural premium wine of a dark ruby red colour with a shade of violet. Its varietal aroma is reminiscent of black currants, green peppers and dried plums. The wine is full on the palate with a sweet taste, delightfully complemented by tannins which, together with the aroma of vanilla, create an extremely harmonious and long after taste.

Cabernet Sauvignon goes well with dried meat minestrone, medium matured cheeses, beefsteak with pepper sauce and garlic, steak Florentine, and medallions with truffles and venison. We highly recommend medallions with onions in Cabernet Sauvignon sauce and roasted lamb skewers with rosemary.

10-14 °C


Barbera Barbera has an intensive dark red colour with violet shades. The aroma of the wine reminds of wild fruit, raspberry, blueberry, currant, with a rich and full taste in the mouth and pleasant freshness and warmth.

Barbera goes well with pasta, risottos with mushrooms, main courses with pork and beef and grilled dishes.14-18°C

14-18 °C


Gospod Črni has a dark ruby red colour, with a shade of violet and pomegranate edge. The wine's aroma is reminiscent of sour cherry and plum jam. It has an herbal character of peppermint, black pepper and Mediterranean spices, rounded off with the aroma of vanilla, cocoa and dark chocolate

Gospod Črni wonderfully compliments venison dishes and medallions in plum sauce.

18 °C


Belo Tomažič 1l Belo Tomažič is a variety of Welschriesling, Ribolla, Malvasia and Chardonnay. The wine is straw-yellow in colour, clear, with a fruity aroma reminiscent of citrus and peach. The wine is full, pleasantly lively, smooth and medium-bodied on the palate.

Belo Tomažič is a perfect compliment to lamb, poultry, veal and spicy fish dishes and goes well with grilled vegetables and fresh cheeses.

8-12 °C


Cabernet sauvignon 1l wine has a dark ruby colour with a shade of violet. Its aroma is fruity, reminiscent of red soft fruit. The wine is smooth, medium-bodied, fresh and harmonious on the palate.

Cabernet Sauvignon goes well with roasts, red meat and mature cheeses.

8-12 °C


coming soon

coming soon

8 - 10 °C


At our farm, you can take a tour of the old wine cellar and all the places in the new wine cellar by prior arrangement, along with the presentation of the family wine-growing farm. Then, a guided tasting of superior wines, along with the tasting of home-made delicacies follows.


In tasting, wines are classified from dry white and red to sweet wines. You can choose among the following types of tasting, tailored to the wishes of the visitors to the cellar.
  • tour of the wine cellars, degustation of 5 premium wines
  • tour of the wine cellars, degustation of 5 premium wines with bread and olive oil
  • tour of the wine cellars, degustation of 5 premium wines with bread, olive oil and cheese
  • tour of the wine cellars, degustation of 5 premium wines with bread, cheese and dried meat products
  • tour of the wine cellars, degustation of 5 premium wines with bread, cheese and baked prosciutto in dough
After tasting, wines can be bought in an authentically arranged shop located right next to the wine cellar. The tour and tasting are available for large groups, as well as for individuals. individuals.


Vrhpolje and its surroundings are perfect for cycling and hiking. Tourists can set out on the marked footpath that winds through the Vrhpolje vineyards, cycle along the gravel paths between the vineyards, take a walk to the gorge of the Bela torrent or climb the nearby Nanos plateau and the summit of Kovk. Be sure to check out the largest mosaic in Slovenia in the local church. Also worth a visit is the Zemono Mansion, the old part of Vipava and the old Lanthieri Mansion. Those who love sports will enjoy the natural climbing wall, located only a kilometre from Vrhpolje, which attracts numerous people from a number of European countries. Parachutists can descend from the summit of Kovk plateau into the valley and admire the wonderful view of the beautiful valley of the sun and grapes. Overnight accommodation is available at Camp Vrhpolje and apartments Kobal.



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Kmetija Tomažič
Vrhpolje 77
5271 Vipava

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Nejc Tomažič

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Aleksandra Tomažič

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Branko Tomažič

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Nadja Tomažič

tel: +386 (0)41 814 733


You can find us in the Vipava Valley, more specifically in Vrhpolje 77.

Here, we will welcome you in our cellar. You will be able to take a tour of our vineyards and make a toast with our wines.

We are located only 20 minutes away from the Postojna Cave and 40 minutes from the Slovene coast.

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